We don’t really think about how much we depend on technology…until we attempt to go without it. Last Tuesday, I decided to try and see if I could spend a 24-hour period without using the electronics that so heavily influence my young adult life. I had these grand plans formulating in my head; I wanted to take a day trip to Crowder’s Mountain with a friend and go hiking all day. There’d be no need or use for my smartphone or laptop; I wouldn’t be watching movies with my family. I’d be in the mountains, just my friend and me surrounded by rocks and trees.

My friend was heading out of town. Life happens. What would have been a fulfilling day in the middle of the untamed forests and trails was instead a sleepy day in my little brick house. I wanted to share a tantalizing adventure, but all I have to offer is a day at home. Continue reading


survey time!

Hi everybody!
I’m currently doing a personal research study for my English final. If you guys could be a friend and fill out this survey I made, I’d greatly appreciate it.
Also, feel free to share the link with your friends. The more responses I get, the better!


Surprisingly enough, I first wrote this for ENG 2001. It talks about probably the darkest time of my life, a time filled with adolescent emotion and brokenness. But this was also a time for growth, and I’ve become the person I am today because I went though this. Was I depressed? Maybe a little. I was definitely confused. But I’m secure now. Yeah this is mostly about writing, but it’s also about me. This is my story, or at least a significant part of it. Continue reading


Hey guys, I am so sorry about all the hullaballoo that I caused with my previous website. Squarespace is no more, so I am starting over with a fresh and new site! Again, I apologize for any annoyance this may have caused, but this WordPress site is here to stay!

Love you all bunches.