the goblet

I had a revelation last Wednesday night, and I just really felt like I needed to share it with everyone.

My church is really big on prophecy, and we had a worship night and message about it a few days ago. Now, I think that prophecy is a really cool thing. I love the prophets of the Old Testament, and I think that it’s so awesome that God can seriously talk to people. I even have some friends that have this gift. However, I felt that it wasn’t something that I was meant for; I wasn’t “chosen” to be spoken to, per se. I felt like I needed to have a much deeper relationship with God in order for Him to do that, and although I have gone deeper than I ever have, I still didn’t think that I could get that gift.

Prophecy comes in different forms. It could be a word, image or vision, piece of Scripture, a thought, circumstance, whatever. People communicate in various formats, so why would we doubt that God could do the same thing? We were given a scrap of paper, and my pastor said to just write down whatever God puts on your mind. If we weren’t sure about what it meant, who it was for, or what it was, we just needed to write it. I sat in my chair for a while feeling pretty confused; there were people hugging, crying, giving a word to someone else all around me, and I felt like I wasn’t receiving anything. Then I heard two words in my mind: Psalm 13. I opened up my Bible and read the psalm.  I saw one image next: a goblet. What?

O Lord, how long will you forget me? Forever? How long will you look the other way? How long must I struggle with anguish in my soul, with sorrow in my heart every day? 

I couldn’t make sense of it. I felt pretty crummy, letting myself think that I wasn’t listening well enough. I guess God hadn’t spoken to me after all.

Darrell had given a sermon a few weeks ago, revealing how the Bible is just one giant love story from Christ to us. He told us of the Hebrew marriage customs. During the engagement dinner, the groom would take a goblet and fill it with wine. After drinking half, he would then offer the cup to his prospective bride, and if she accepted, then she was also accepting his proposal. The marriage consisted of two ceremonies; after the first, the groom would go away to build a home for him and his bride. He would work day after day, and his father would inspect. The groom was free to go get his bride only when the father believed it was ready.

As the groom builds, the bride waits. She may feel anxious, downcast, even sorrowful. Has her husband forgotten her? What I’m saying here is NO HE HASN’T. He’s building a place for her, and he’s coming back to get her. He made that promise back when they both drank from that cup, that goblet of everlasting love and promise, and when both bride and groom go to their bridal chamber that he built, they will drink from that cup again, committing themselves to each other.

Christ was here on this earth for us before; He made a promise to love and protect His bride. That’s us. And He’s not here right now. I understand that we Christ-followers may feel like David did in Psalm 13; we feel forgotten, despaired, and alone. To be completely blunt, I’ve been there. But don’t you realize that He’s not gonna be gone forever? Our groom is up in His Father’s place right now, as I write, as you read, building us a chamber. There’s gonna be a day where God looks over His Son’s work and says, “go get her.” He’s coming back. He’s coming back for His bride. He’s coming back for us. And when He does, there’s going to be yelling and cheering, music, light, joy and excitement! And most of all, love. We’re gonna go back to where we belong and drink from that goblet again. But for now, we have to wait. While we wait, we should remember drinking from that cup the first time, that goblet symbolizing our commitment to Christ. And if we feel forgotten, we aren’t, okay. God hasn’t forgotten us, and He is coming back!

I don’t know if this word was meant to be for a specific someone. If there was one thing God didn’t tell me, it was who this was for. But I think the cool thing is that it doesn’t have to be for just one recipient. This is for every single one of us! I hope this was some encouragement to you. I know that this word was definitely something I needed God to say to me!

I love you, and Christ definitely does.  And He is coming to get you.




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